U. Aytun Ozturk, PhD

Seminar Overview

The primary objective of my seminars is to equip students with the Business Analytics skills that are crucial for tackling challenges confronted by organizations. Business Analytics is a discipline that employs quantitative methods to pinpoint the best actions for strategic, tactical, or operational decisions made within organizations. We broadly categorize analytics into four types: descriptive, predictive, prescriptive, and autonomous:

I cover the fundamentals of these analytics approaches in the Management Science course and focus primarily on data science topics in the seminars I lead. For analysis and problem-solving tasks, students utilize innovative development environments such as JupyterLab or AI tools such as the Advanced Data Analysis plugin in ChatGPT. Students also utilize Python 3 to analyze real-world datasets and solve the prescriptive models developed within these platforms.

Building upon the material introduced in the Principles of Business course, the seminars I lead run concurrently with the content covered in the Management Science and Operations Management courses. This synergistic approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts.